Dayo David (Aina) is a multifaceted professional who was born into a family that deeply valued faith, education, and service. He was born in a close-knit family and spent his late-teens and young adult years in Western Massachusetts. There he developed a passion for helping others and a strong sense of commitment to professional and people development. As a college student, he worked with community based non-profit mental health and human service agencies. He was responsible for providing essential services to people living with mental illness, developmental delay or disability, brain injury, homelessness, substance use issues, and other challenges.

Dayo pursued a diverse academic path, taking minor courses in Art and Spanish and earning degrees in Accounting and Law. He participated in a Spanish Language exchange program traveling outside of the United States to live with indigenous native Spanish speakers. He understands that experiencing different languages and culture can be crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of people and the world. Dayo has travelled across the globe, spending time on five out of the seven continents.

Dayo David (Aina) is a versatile professional with a background in community service and non-profit work, focusing on aiding those with mental health issues and other challenges, shaped by his upbringing in a family that valued faith, education, and service.

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Dayo obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting with high honors (magna cum laude) and immediately started his career path as a financial statement auditor with one of the Big Four accounting firms. He was responsible for performing compliance audits, reviewing financial statements, tax returns, and other financial records to ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards and established governmental regulations. As a financial statement auditor part of his responsibilities are to ferret out any errors and potential fraud, such as tax evasion, embezzlement, or other illegal activity contrary to established standards. With a deep passion for education and continuous personal development, Dayo proceeded to earn a master’s degree in accounting while working at his accounting job.

Dayo's academic journey includes degrees in Accounting and Law, with minors in Art and Spanish, and participation in a Spanish language exchange program, emphasizing his belief in the importance of understanding diverse cultures. Professionally, he excelled as a financial statement auditor with a Big Four accounting firm, focusing on ensuring accuracy and compliance in financial documents, while also earning a master's degree in accounting to further his commitment to continuous personal and educational development.

Driven by a desire to address legal issues and injustice affecting society at large, Dayo pursued a career in law. After obtaining his Juris Doctor (JD) and passing the bar, he specialized in matters affecting the community, focusing on issues such as housing matters, family law, contract law, and other areas. With a devoted passion to give back to the community and ensure that individuals with limited financial means have access to legal assistance, Attorney Dayo offered pro bono services to indigents, embodying the belief that justice and compassion should go hand in hand.

In efforts to contribute time and talent to his local community, Dayo David served at a faith-based non-profit organization where he participated several charitable functions which include food drives, clothes drives, medical outreaches and other charitable endeavors. He was responsible for managing the accounting department, which interfaces with over thirty distinct departments of the organization.

Outside of his professional roles, Dayo enjoys spending time with his family, reading, and engaging in community events. He is happily married to his wife Grace, and they are blessed with three wonderful children. The entire family serves at their local church.